Bless their Little Hearts

By ImageNation Cinema Foundation (other events)

4 Dates Through May 25, 2017

Charlie Banks is looking for work… searching for it every day. But there are no jobs and unemployment is taking a toll on him and his family. His wife Andais is worn out working and taking of their young children. So Charlie takes day jobs whenever he can, cutting weeds and painting houses. At night, he falls asleep in the bathtub.

When Charlie reconnects with a lady friend, Andais notices that he is not bringing home all themoney from his day labor. Confronting him, she tells her husband she has been working like a dog while everyone has been laughing at her. “I can’t make people give me a job,” he screams back at her, “I try everyday.” “Don’t try, do it, do it!” Andais wails, “I’m tired, tired, tired. Start trying to be a man.”

Later, seeing his daughter’s arm in a cast, Charlie weeps, telling her he is sorry he isn’t “able to let you live in a better neighborhood.” As he sobs, Andais tries to comfort him. Charlie and his friends go fishing and try hawking their catch on the side of the road. While his pals wave down motorists, Charlie just walks away.